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Kumar's Curries & Bumbus

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May we offer you our finest specialities?
Welcome to Kumar's world of curries and fresh bumbus. A world where the wealth of flavour, aroma, colour and experience is central. Suresh Kumars continuous quest for the ultimate combination of herbs, spices and fresh ingredients is his passion. We now offer you the opportunity to share this passion and to experience the elements of craftsmanship involved in creating Kumar’s range of fresh curries and bumbu's in perfect balance.
Discover the true origins of curry...
Kumar's offer a range of curries and bumbus that are prepared with only the finest quality herbs, spices and other fresh ingredients. The use of these fresh key ingredients, including; laos (galangal root), kunyit (turmeric), Thai coriander, salam leaves, chillies and curry leaves, give Kumar’s sauces and bumbus the essential characteristics needed for a true taste of south Asian cuisine. Curry connoisseurs and those who have travelled throughout southern India, Indonesia and Thailand will instantly recognise and truly appreciate the authentic balance of complex flavours contained within each and every variety of Kumar's ready-to-use sauces and bumbu's.
What is a bumbu?
"Bumbu" is the Indonesian word for spice or seasoning, and it commonly appears in the names of spice mixtures, sauces and seasoning pastes.

Click here to see videos of Chef Suresh Kumar preparing a selection of delicious curries!


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Kumar's Butter Chicken Sauce

Kumar's Butter Chicken Sauce£1.99   £1.59

A creamy Indian cooking sauce with cumin, fenugreek leaves, pure ghee and cashew nuts.

Kumar's Red Curry Sauce

Kumar's Red Curry Sauce£1.99   £1.59

The combination of lemongrass, gula djawa (palm sugar) and fish sauce gives this Thai cooking sauce a fresh, sweet taste.

Kumar's Rendang Sauce

Kumar's Rendang Sauce£1.99   £1.59

This Indonesian cooking sauce with roasted coconut is made with many herbs and fresh spices such as turmeric, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cumin and coriander.

Kumar's Tandoori Sauce

Kumar's Tandoori Sauce£1.99   £1.59

A full, fresh and aromatic Indian Tandoori sauce, made with plain yoghurt and carefully selected spices together with fresh ginger, coriander and mint, which delivers a mild and full flavour.

Tikka Masala 80ml

Tikka Masala 80ml£1.99   £1.59

A sweet and creamy authentic Indian cooking sauce, made with almonds, tomatoes, yoghurt and various warm spices. Delicious with chicken, lamb or beef. Add pineapple chunks for an even sweeter flavour.


Page 1 of 1    (5 Items)Sort by:    Name   Newest   Price Asc   Price Desc   Top Sellers