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Featured Products
Chilli Rings 45g

Chilli Rings 45g£6.49Add to Basket

Origin: China

Chillies, originally from South America, are now cultivated in many diverse areas of the world, including China. These cut chilli rings really do pack a punch, delivering a very hot and pungent flavour. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Allergen free.

Organic Provenšal Herbs 85g

Organic Provenšal Herbs 85g£5.99Add to Basket

A coarse mix of organic herbs from the Provenše region of Southern France that provides a subtle taste to a whole variety of different dishes.

Allergen advice: none present.

Suitable for both vegan and vegetarian diets.

Usage: According to taste.

Danish Smoked Pyramid Salt 240g

Danish Smoked Pyramid Salt 240g£18.95Add to Basket

Originating from the Vikings age old traditional custom, these pyramid sea salt flakes are cold smoked over beechwood chippings to create a unique and aromatic salt with a soft texture and a delicious smoky flavour.

Pepper Sauce

Pepper Sauce£5.40Add to Basket

An exquisite and mildly spiced pepper sauce featuring the unmistakable taste of our trademark Verstegen white Muntok, black Lampong and fresh green peppercorns.

Now available in single packs, or more attractively priced packs of 6.

Fruit Pepper Strawberry Lemon 250g

Fruit Pepper Strawberry Lemon 250g£11.49Add to Basket

A refreshing spice and fruit fusion containing the very best black Lampong pepper, crispy strawberry and lemon pieces, finished off with a hint of vanilla. Great with seafood, lamb, veal, asparagus, pastries and desserts.

Allergen and dietary advice: gluten free, nut free. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Cacao Pepper - Szechuan Orange195g

Cacao Pepper - Szechuan Orange195g£12.99Add to Basket

A truly unique and delicious spice mix containing cacao bean pieces, Szechuan peppercorns, dried orange pieces, star anise and coriander. This mix is great for seasoning all kinds of oriental style dishes and will leave your tongue tingling for more.

Allergen and dietary advice: gluten free, nut free. Suitable for vegetarians.

Organic Curry Powder (without salt) 225g

Organic Curry Powder (without salt) 225g£8.95Add to Basket

A delicate blend of eleven different organic spices and herbs that creates an aromatic and colourful mix, full of authentic Indian flavour.

Allergen advice: contains coriander and celery.

Suitable for both vegan and vegetarian diets.

Usage: according to taste.

Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt 570g

Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt 570g£7.49Add to Basket

Himalayan Pink Salt is a coarse, natural salt, harvested by hand in the south-western region of the Himalayas.