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Vanilla Pod 1g

Vanilla Pod 1g£2.50Add to Basket

Vanilla is a very famous spice, but did you know that vanilla is the pod of an orchid?

Whole Red Chilli Peppers 3g

Whole Red Chilli Peppers 3g£0.99Add to Basket

Grows in all tropical and subtropical areas. Verstegen's cayenne pepper comes from South America and India.

Cinnamon Sticks 10g

Cinnamon Sticks 10g£1.50Add to Basket

Cinnamon originated from Sri Lanka. Since then, it has become widely available from China and Indonesia. All our cinnamon is sourced from Sri Lanka, where it is the highest quality.

Star anise 4g

Star anise 4g£1.50

Star Anise is the fruit of a small evergreen tree and has a warm, spicy and sweet taste, of which the fruit leaf is far more aromatic than the shiny seed. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Allergen free.

Saffron 0.05g

Saffron 0.05g£0.99Add to Basket

Saffron is the orange/brown dried pistil of a bulbous plant that resembles a crocus. Each flower has three pistils which give dishes their distinctive yellow colour. The taste is subtle but still penetrating, warm, musky and slightly bitter.

Nutmeg 10g

Nutmeg 10g£1.50Add to Basket

Our nutmeg are sourced from Ambon, Indonesia. Verstegen has found a partner, a Dutch-Ambonese company, and works very closely with them to ensure the highest quality of spices are obtained.

Cloves (whole) 5g

Cloves (whole) 5g£1.50Add to Basket

Perfect to use when decorating a beautiful glazed ham. A classic when it comes to spices.

Allspice - ground 38g

Allspice - ground 38g£1.99Add to Basket

A very aromatic spice. Used in Caribbean cooking as well as winter puddings and drinks.

Allspice 28g

Allspice 28g£2.49Add to Basket

A classic spice to use in Caribbean cooking, particularly jerk chicken. Also great for wonter puddings.

Aniseed - ground 33g

Aniseed - ground 33g£1.99Add to Basket

Popular in sweet and savoury cooking. Carries a very distinctive liquorice flavour which works very well in pork.

Basil - 17g

Basil - 17g£2.50Add to Basket

Wonderfully aromatic herb. Perfect to use with meat, vegetables, salads, pizza and pasta sauces.

Basil 11g

Basil 11g£1.50Add to Basket

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Page 1 of 8:    85 Items