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Chilli (ground) - 40g

Chilli (ground) - 40g£2.50Add to Basket

Sprinkle in to your cooking to add a good, spicy kick!

Chilli flakes - 28g

Chilli flakes - 28g£1.50Add to Basket

Great for sprinkling on finished dishes or for adding to soups and casseroles.

Chilli Rings 45g

Chilli Rings 45g£6.49Add to Basket

Origin: China

Chillies, originally from South America, are now cultivated in many diverse areas of the world, including China. These cut chilli rings really do pack a punch, delivering a very hot and pungent flavour. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Allergen free.

Chipotle chilli - 39g

Chipotle chilli - 39g£1.50Add to Basket

This smoked chilli flavour is hugely popular in American cooking.

Chives 5g

Chives 5g£1.50Add to Basket

Cinnamon (ground) - 45g

Cinnamon (ground) - 45g£2.50Add to Basket

Great to use in sweet or savoury cooking.
Sourced from Indonesia for the highest quality.

Cinnamon - ground 37g

Cinnamon - ground 37g£1.99

A classic spice gained from the bark of the cinnamon tree. Used in savoury pork dishes, as well as several puddings.Gives your food a fantastic warming kick.

Cloves - ground 35g

Cloves - ground 35g£2.49Add to Basket

These dried flower buds are native to Indonesia. Often used in savoury and sweet food, and even drinks.

Coriander leaves 9g

Coriander leaves 9g£1.99

Gives dishes a distinctive sharpness when added just before serving. Great to use in curries and with seafood.

Coriander seed - ground 33g

Coriander seed - ground 33g£1.99Add to Basket

A key ingredient in plenty of masalas and other forms of Indian cooking. Also great for flavouring baked goods and even burgers.

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Page 3 of 8:    85 Items