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Curry powder 40g

Curry powder 40g£1.99Add to Basket

A mix of different herbs and spices. Our curry consists of turmeric, coriander, mustard seed, pepper, ginger and more.

Dill 17g

Dill 17g£1.99Add to Basket

Dill is part of the celery family. It has a strong and distinctive taste that is a combination of celery and fennel.

Fennel seed - ground 30g

Fennel seed - ground 30g£1.99Add to Basket

Has a sweet, aniseed flavour and is widely used in Indian cooking as well as being used in baking.

Fennel seed 28g

Fennel seed 28g£1.99Add to Basket

Gives your food a sweet, aniseed flavour which is commonly used in Indian cooking. Also popular with baking.

Galangal (laos) 22g

Galangal (laos) 22g£1.99Add to Basket

A root from the ginger family that is closely tied to Thai food, as well as other South Asian cooking. It gives a great fresh flavour.

Garlic powder - 50g

Garlic powder - 50g£1.99Add to Basket

Easy way to infuse some garlic flavour in to your cooking.

Garlic powder - 60g

Garlic powder - 60g£2.50Add to Basket

Hugely popular flavour, in an easy to use powder.
Great to season any Mediterranean dish with.

Ginger - ground 26g

Ginger - ground 26g£1.99Add to Basket

The ground root of the ginger plant, peppery with a hint of citrus. Excellent to use in marinades and curries, as well as baking.

Hot curry powder - 35g

Hot curry powder - 35g£1.99Add to Basket

Perfect for when you want to make a curry powder with a bit of extra kick.

Inca salt 110g

Inca salt 110g£3.99Add to Basket

A very mild salt that's naturally sun-dried in the Peruvian Andes.

Juniper berries 24g

Juniper berries 24g£1.99Add to Basket

Spicy, aromatic berries that work brilliantly with game. Can be used fresh, crushed, dried or whole.

Lemongrass - 25g

Lemongrass - 25g£1.50Add to Basket

A classic in plenty of Thai cooking. Gives a refreshing flavour to any curry.

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Page 5 of 8:    93 Items