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Spice Grinders & shakers

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Chipotle chilli - 39g

Chipotle chilli - 39g£1.50

This smoked chilli flavour is hugely popular in American cooking.

Chives 5g

Chives 5g£1.50Add to Basket

Lemongrass - 25g

Lemongrass - 25g£1.50Add to Basket

A classic in plenty of Thai cooking. Gives a refreshing flavour to any curry.

Vadouvan - 35g

Vadouvan - 35g£1.50

An Indian spice mix simiar to masala, but with added shallots and garlic.

Zhug - 44g

Zhug - 44g£1.50Add to Basket

A Middle Eastern spice blend that's usually used in hot sauce. Filled with caraway, cumin, pepper and chillies.

Garlic powder - 50g

Garlic powder - 50g£1.99Add to Basket

Easy way to infuse some garlic flavour in to your cooking.

Hot curry powder - 35g

Hot curry powder - 35g£1.99Add to Basket

Perfect for when you want to make a curry powder with a bit of extra kick.

Mace (ground) - 34g

Mace (ground) - 34g£2.50Add to Basket

Comes from the same plant as nutmeg. Excellent to use to add a rich, savoury taste.

Nutmeg (ground) - 40g

Nutmeg (ground) - 40g£2.50Add to Basket

Great ingredient to use in sweet or savoury cooking. Adds a distinct deep, woody flavour to any dish.

Black Lampong Pepper - 260g

Black Lampong Pepper - 260g£11.99

Lampong refers to the indigenous people from the Lampung province of Southern Sumatra, Indonesia, where these black peppercorns are harvested especially for Verstegen, according to our strict specifications. These peppercorns are small, but heavy, with a high peperine content. They have a very clean flavour and a highly pungent smell.

Four Season Pepper - 295g

Four Season Pepper - 295g£16.99

A mix of Verstegen's top-quality pepper.
White Muntok pepper, Black Lampong pepper, green peppercorns and red pepper berries.

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Page 2 of 3:    25 Items