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Our range of Spice Oils are perfect for adding authentic world flavours to your cooking. You can use them for marinating meat and vegetables, seasoning casseroles, or even when baking bread.

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Spice Oil - Curry Ginger Pure-870ml

Spice Oil - Curry Ginger Pure-870ml£15.50Add to Basket

Fully embrace the typically Indian cuisine with this spice oil that can be used to flavour anything from salads to breads.

Spice Oil Chilli Paprika Pure-870ml

Spice Oil Chilli Paprika Pure-870ml£16.99Add to Basket

Add some South American fire to your cooking. Can be added to baking, soups, meat or salads.

Spice Oil Cumin Oregano Pure-870ml

Spice Oil Cumin Oregano Pure-870ml£15.50Add to Basket

Fusing the best flavours from North African, Greek and Turkish cuisine. This blend of caraway, pepper and cumin can be used with anything.

Spice Oil Green Herbs Garlic Pure-870ml

Spice Oil Green Herbs Garlic Pure-870ml£15.99Add to Basket

One of the most popular styles of cooking in the world. Inject some Mediterranean flavour into what ever you're cooking.

Spice Oil Pepper Sea Salt Pure - 870ml

Spice Oil Pepper Sea Salt Pure - 870ml£12.99Add to Basket

Perfectly seasoned sea salt & black pepper marinade

Spice Oil Roasted Garlic Huacatay-870ml

Spice Oil Roasted Garlic Huacatay-870ml£16.99Add to Basket

Peruvian cuisine is one of the fastest growing styles of cooking. This spice oil is inspired by the dish lomo saltado, which gives food a wonderful smokey flavour.

Spice Oil Smoked Paprika Jalapeņo Pure-870ml

Spice Oil Smoked Paprika Jalapeņo Pure-870ml£14.99Add to Basket

Giving your food an unforgettably Mexican twist and perfect for anyone who wants to create on-trend street food. The unmistakable flavours of jalapeno pepper, coriander and smoked paprika will instantly bring your food up a notch.


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items